Boost: Java Primordial Class Library (developed by LeapStream / NetStorm)

Boost is a collection of low-level Java interfaces and classes that provide enhanced implementations of the most common java.lang.Object methods, e.g toString(), equals() and hashCode(). Especially useful for application classes that are data structural in nature. Using as your base class, saves you having to provide custom implementations of those well-known Object methods, over and over again. Primordial works by using Java Reflection to automagically do the job for you !

Boost was created by Greg Davis of LeapStream / NetStorm, based on his experience over several commercial Agile projects. Boost is also a test-case for agile development strongly influenced by the eXtreme Programming (XP) methodology, but with some additional or in some cases more extreme project guidelines that LeapStream / NetStorm calls Sustainable Software Development (SSD). One of the non-negotiable rules is 100% test coverage !

Boost is hosted by Geekscape, where XPlanner, Subversion (SVN), Cruise Control, Trac and Daisy are used to support the development effort by a geographically dispersed set of developers.