Geekscape: Systems design and integration for the Connected World

Everything around you is just part of every other thing

Imani Coppola

Internet of Things and Automation links

  • Aiko-Platform … Software and hardware platform for the Internet of Things (distributed devices)
  • Artemis … Rocket Avionics
  • Connected Community HackerSpace (Melbourne) … A place for hackers to hang-out and create
  • CNC Milling Machine … Computer Numeric Controlled 3-axis drill
  • Lunar Numbat … Australia / New Zealand team playing a part in the Google Lunar X-Prize

Interesting projects that have released software that anyone can use and improve …

  • LinuxMCE: Open Source (combines PlutoHome, MythTV, Asterisk on top of Ubuntu Linux)
  • MisterHouse: Open Source
  • Open Automation Project: Open Source
  • OpenRemote: Open Source
  • PlutoHome: Commercial and Open Source

Useful links to many readily accessible projects …

  • DMOZ: Home Improvement (Automation)
  • Home Automation index


  • Arduino: Enabling the Internet of Things [2009-04-05]
  • Automation protocol: Java X10 library (bug fixes for J.Peterson’s X10 API 1.0.1)
  • Boost: Java Primordial Class Library (developed by LeapStream / NetStorm)
  • Software Zoo: Open Source Java packages [1998 – 2003]

Technical Notes and Examples

  • Embedding a Java Applet inside a Daisy document [2005-09-22]
  • Installing an APC UPS on Linux [2005-09-13]
  • Installing Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum on Linux Fedora Core 4
  • Installing MythTV 0.20.1 on Linux Fedora Core 6 for Australian TV
  • Technical Reading List

Technical Investigation

  • Content Management System (CMS) investigation [2005-08-19]


  • CMS in general, Daisy in particular — AJUG Victoria [2005-10-06]


  • Intellectual Freedom (was Intellectual Property Rights) [2005-11-25]
  • Zen, Innovation, Being Open, HackerSpaces [2009-11-05]

Live System Status

  • Geekscape UPS status